Monday, October 17, 2011

Flames Damage J. Teeter Home

Fire which started between the walls, beside the chimney in the John Teetere home, a miles west of Geneva, threatened for a time to destroy the building., but was finally brought under control by a bucket brigade furnished with water from a pump near the kitchen door, and with a couple of small hand chemical extinguishers taken from the Geneva fire truck.
     The fire was practically extinguished when the six township fire truck arrived from Berne and the Berne fire department took over.
    The fire was discovered at about 11 a. m. today by Mr. Teeter who seeing that he and his wife would be unable to cope with it alone drove into Geneva and spread the alarm.  The call was sent in to Berne and a number of members of the Geneva fire department drove out with the chemical cans.  The length of time required by the truck to get to the scene was explained by Fire Chief Leonard Baumgartner as being due to his having been told the fire was at the John Kraner home in Ceylon by mistake.
     A metal roof and rock wool insulation in the attic prevented the fire from breaking through the roof. The damage to the side of the building and to plastering and paper is considerable, but is covered by insurance.

Transcribed as written.  No name or date on clipping but believed to be from the Geneva Hearld. About  January 18, 1940

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