Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mom and Dad and elections

For many reasons I have been away from my blog.  It's time to get back to it and what better than a short story about elections.  Don't panic, this is not about politics.  

My mother was born before women were allowed to vote. By the time she was old enough, women had the privilege.  Mom was always a republican until she voted for John Kennedy. When I was learning the presidents in school she would always say Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt (not as a complement) when we came to FDR.

  Dad was born in 1912, the youngest of a family of nine.  Life was not easy.  He always aligned with the Democrats. He was a hard worker and never took a hand out from anyone but he was ever ready to help others.

Mom and dad never seriously argued over politics.  When they went to vote they would joke that one would go in and vote and the other would go in and cancel the previous  vote.

More than once women would say to mom, "you mean he doesn't tell you how to vote."  I guess they really didn't know either of my parents very well.  Dad would never have presumed he had the right to tell mom how to vote.  Mom would never have tolerated him doing so.  

Mom comes from a long line of independent, tough women.  She listens to all the news programs and keeps up with current affairs.  At almost 96 years old, she just exercised her right to vote, Obama 2012.

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